End of tutorials, but I'll see you in my shop!

Hello crocheters!

If you follow me on Facebook, then you likely saw my post regarding ending the tutorials. I deleted the tutorial videos from YouTube today and will not be doing future tutorials. 

I enjoyed helping you to learn crochet and I hope you found my videos helpful. After 8 months of making videos and being open to questions or requests, I assume you are well on your way to crocheting on your own. There are plenty of patterns and tutorials online that you can search for if you need help. 

I will instead be focusing on making items to sell. I'm really excited about this next chapter! I have spent the last year researching the business end of this business and I feel I'm ready to move forward with selling my handmade items. YAY! I will share the link to my Etsy shop once I start listing items in it. First, I need to focus on building up stock. 

So, this isn't good-bye... just see you later when I open my shop! :-) 

Thank you for watching my videos! That camel stitch cow…

How to Crochet a Popcorn Garland


Next Tutorial Request

Hello crocheters!

Have you been busy crocheting holiday gifts or decorations? If so, I'd love to see what you have been working on!

I have been working on wedding plans little by little! These crocheted roses will be part of my bouquet, joining other items I need to get yet. I have some other sewing, crochet, and knitting project ideas for our wedding, but I haven't fully decided on them yet. 

How pretty are these roses?! I can't wait to see the end result with the other bouquet items! The pattern is from Happy Berry Crochet and can be found here. She gives the written pattern and a video tutorial. 

The tutorial videos I make are a way to virtually teach crochet from a distance to some friends and family who asked me for lessons. However, without feedback I don't know if I'm moving too quickly or too slowly or if I'm hitting what you are interested in learning or if you would prefer I do my videos/tutorials differently to help you better. I have never made blog vid…

Outside In Granny Square


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Intro to Tunisian Crochet


Tunisian Crochet Guitar Strap

My fiance needed a strap for his guitar, so I decided to make him one. Regular crochet stretches quite a bit; therefore, I opted to use Tunisian crochet (also known as Afghan crochet - I have also heard of this referred to as knooking) since the stitches are typically less stretchy and a little denser than regular crochet. 

If crochet and knitting had a baby, it would be Tunisian. Tunisian crochet uses a long crochet hook with a stopper at the end to keep the stitches from falling off (much like a knitting needle); however, it has a crochet hook at the other end. The crochet hook is longer because you work multiple stitches on the hook at one time, versus regular crochet when you typically only have a few loops on the hook. Like regular crochet, you only use one hook instead of knitting which uses two needles. Lacking a Tunisian crochet hook, I just use my regular crochet hook, but you can see from my picture below why an elongated hook would help for a wider project. 

After you "c…